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adam c.

hooooooly shiot. amazing comp. i have tons of credit at amoeba. tell you'll put some there please.


nice collection, lovely color! i just found this release in amoeba. great surprise!

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How did Rock and roll bring us to the music we have today?
For example, how did rock inspire artists to create music genres such as rap, and other new songs/genres that we now have. Also, did rock and roll always have a rebellious tune? If not how did it change to that?How did Rock and roll bring us to the music we have today?
For example, how did rock inspire artists to create music genres such as rap, and other new songs/genres that we now have. Also, did rock and roll always have a rebellious tune? If not how did it change to that?

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How much rock music has been composed and recorded since its
invention? How much Christian music? If all of it got placed in one
huge playlist, how long would it run? Bonus points for more

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Seven days of Creation (Genesis 1) e.g., God rested on and sanctified the seventh day(Sabbath)
Seven years of plenty and seven years of famine in Pharaoh's dream(Genesis 41)
Seven days of the feast of Passover(Exodus 13:3-10)
Seven day week and the pattern concerning distribution and use of manna(Exodus 16)
Seven year cycle around the years of Jubilee(Leviticus 25)
The fall of the walls of Jericho on the seventh day after marching around the city seven times(Joshua 6)
Seven things that are detestable to the LORD(Proverbs 6:16-19)
Seven Pillars of the House of Wisdom(Proverbs 9:1)
Seven loaves multiplied into seven baskets of surplus(Matthew 15:32-37)
The Seven last words of Jesus on the cross

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hello thanks for the information on this blog! I think too interesting! I think without music could not live is one of the best things out there! Greetings!

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How long does it take to tour the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & other places in Cleveland worth checking out?
Just wondering approximately how long it would take to tour the museum. I've been to Cleveland several times for Indians and Cavs games but never to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I wasn't sure how big of a place it was.

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I write ALOT of poetry and I am told it is very inspiring. I am also told on many occasions that I should submit it to contest to get my poetry published. I feel as if I should not just plublish one if I do decide I want to publish, so how would I go about getting my poetry published and copyrighted?

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next week I'll be presenting my graduation project. i was looking for on this topic all day. your blog looks really interesting for me what I want to congratulate all the information and the work I do on his blog. great work

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I Highly recommended...the album is packed with gems..." -The Bay Bridged and thanks for give the greeting.


I think it's a good markeding idea to pack the compact disc with gems...

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cool! id like 2 have a copy of that 1..

thanks for posting..

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seriously, it is pretty goofy isn't it. I don't know, I only have a few buttons but doc pushed 'em.

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After reading EB's comment (Kudos for putting that truth out there.) I wonder if the answer to getting students to dive deeper into resources is to use wikipedia as a starting point and a platform to dive deeper from?

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Sometimes I think that who has the time in the world to reach a blog. But I was sadly mistaken when I read your article. Oh my god! Your blog is like a superlative and informative article containing all-inclusive information.

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Hey, Really great work,I would like to join your blog anyway so please continue sharing with us...

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I like the cover of this album, looks nice, I can still order this album, is it available?

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There are may person searching about that now they will find enough resources by your post,


Hey, Great post **

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hej kompis, är detta en av de bästa inlägg som jag någonsin sett, du kan inkludera några fler idéer på samma tema. Jag väntar fortfarande på en del intressanta tankar från er sida i ditt nästa inlägg.

Stainless Steel Hardware

If we wish to make carbon steel strong and hard, such as for a drive shaft or wear plate, we might increase the carbon content, and then heat treat the steel by quenching and tempering it. We can do the same with stainless steel - if we increase the carbon content of ferritic stainless steels we produce the family of martensitic stainless steels, used for items such as knives, razor blades and corrosion resistant bearings.

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Lester @ Adult Tricycle

Great! This is an awesome CD collection of songs.

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I'm definitely adopting several new mantras from the post & the comments! Thank you, thank you! I use these quite a bit: Everyone is wrong about the future (my way of reminding myself that I don't & can't know what's up ahead or control it, ditto for all of us); Mistakes will be made (removes the personal blame angle, mine or others); and Courage, courage, courage, cowboy (which I saw written on a very whimsical painting, which included a giant rabbit, a cactus forest and a teeny tiny cowboy atop the bunny).

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